SELF EMPOWERMENT MENTORING                          

. . . reconnects you with your True Self.


With clear focus on Self empowerment, Tina’s sessions and teachings are centered in deep compassion, inviting everyone to give themselves complete permission to be who they are in every moment.


Rather than placing the focus on change first, in order for any level of transformation to take place full acceptance of what is must first occur.  We come to know true balance in life intuitively, not with manipulation.

As our minds evolve from choosing complication to embracing the inherent simplicity of life's universal design, Tina assists you in realizing and trusting that everything you need is already and always within you, in every aspect of life.

Each session is held in the highest trust that the timing and order of all information and guidance that comes through is exactly what is needed for that time.  Tina intuitively works with your energies to support and assist you in empowering your own connection with your True Self (also known as your Higher consciousness, Inner Knowing, or Innate) so you may step strongly into living the life that you are uniquely and lovingly designed to live.  This does not necessarily mean there is 'one' life for us to live, but that we are each essentially 'wired' with specific gifts which make us who we are.  Conscious evolution is about living our fullest life based on who we are


Your energy guides the session, and Tina’s direct approach helps accelerate your individual and collective Self empowerment. 


A message from Tina:


“It is helpful to note that while working with me you are always held in a loving, fun, non-judgmental and compassionate space of support, and that I am also at times guided to be very ‘blunt’ to intentionally disrupt and redirect old misguided and un-serving patterns in the mind.  The sole/soul purpose being to empower your authentic preferences and your innate Knowing so that you are living in alignment with your unique essence.  Many metaphysical, shamanic and spiritually based modalities that are rising in popularity today hold the intention of a more rapid facilitation for healing and growth, and this is because this is in alignment with the ‘pace’ of the new energy cycle.  The vibrations of higher consciousness move quickly, so no more hanging on to the past… it’s time for enlightened evolution and that is exactly what you came here to experience and create!”


In Love,


"Tina was always able to bring me back to bigger thinking when my mind was focused on the details.  She brought me back to myself and guided me closer to my own clarity.  She never claimed to know the answers for me but had an intuitive ability to sense what was going on behind my noise and so bring me back to my own knowing and own centre. 

I highly recommend Tina if you want support and love on your journey of learning to love yourself." 

~ Nicole Green

Navigating in New Energies...


As a Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Tina’s work particularly focuses on evolving in this new energy cycle.  Being that humanity has never experienced this ‘type’ of energy on earth, it is challenging for the mind to grab hold of something familiar when everything is literally new - like a blank canvas ready for its' new creation.  She assists in guiding you through various ‘stages’ you may experience in the awakening process on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

"I am eternally grateful to you, Tina, for helping me find true joy and peace in my life.  Put simply, I have been transformed since meeting you!  I see the interconnectedness of the Laws of Attraction and how the choices I make define the reality I experience.  I have grown so much from our relationship, and know, without hesitation, that I would not be in the place I am today without your expert coaching. 
I look forward to many more years of coaching and guidance from you!"

With Love,
Seattle WA, USA

Commitment to your Self…

The journey to being Truly empowered within your Self is the most courageous journey any human will ever take.  While there is so much bliss and joy in living freely, there is also a journey to travel that will have its’ moments of deep discomfort as we un-complicate the mind. 


One must be ready and willing to make this commitment to their Self, as many old paradigms will need to fall away in order to make room for the realms of higher consciousness to which you will naturally evolve.

"A relationship can be seen as the space between two people, much like a bridge.  I am fully committed to meeting you half way, and when necessary, to come over to your side and help you back to being with me in the middle.  I ask that you deeply check in with yourself to ensure you are committed to this process of empowered evolution.  If you feel a little nervous and/or very excited, you are ready!"

Much love,