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Tina is a Doctor of Metaphysical Science, and has been assisting people in conscious healing and pre-pair-ation on their journeys of conscious evolution since 2008 through private session and group workshop facilitation.

She is inherently passionate about exploring consciousness and life from metaphysical perspective, and this comes through in her teachings and mentoring sessions. 

Her elevated sense of intuition combined with her playful, loving and empathic nature enhances her ability to translate seemingly complex concepts and creates a profoundly nurturing space for accelerated healing and growth.

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"Tina is an extremely good listener, and she is very easy to talk to. You can feel her sense of understanding as we are all connected in some way. What I remember the most about our sessions was how everything is perception and that we can look at the other side of a coin and start a different dialogue with ourselves. We can break past conditioning and start to live a more authentic life. 

I would recommend Tina to anyone needing a helping hand in their life.  She is a beautiful spirit, nonjudgmental and a great teacher. Her affirmations are life changing and she has a gift to help others."


~ Kelsi Bissonnette

Mom of 2, Realtor, Fitness Instructor, Seeker.

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