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Transformative Breathwork

Our breath is an innate healing system which holds the ability to holistically restore wellness in our body, mind and spirit.  Through a full, deep, open and connected breath we connect with higher levels of our being, changing our unconscious restricted and traumatic patterns at the cellular (quantum) level.

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 How Does It Work?                                                                                                                                                      

As we open to our breath, fully utilizing our respiratory systems and allowing higher levels of oxygen into our bodies, we naturally connect with Prana (life force energy) which is the vibration of (higher) consciousness.  Through our conscious and connected breath, energy being stored at lower vibrations within our cellular memory is risen to the levels of Prana, and stays there.  True restoration through the breath.  How simple is that?

Through intuitive connection, Tina reads and feels what is needing to be released, and may apply gentle and loving pressure on various energetic points on the body.  With the addition of periodic movement, sound (toning) while the breath is open, energetic integration (alchemy) occurs, and the unconsciously conditioned patterns are consciously transformed.


“Breathers” may or may not have conscious awareness of what is being transformed, and always feel lighter, more clear, joyful, peaceful and flowing with love following the sessions.  Further conscious awareness of shifts that occur during a session will reveal themselves in a 'future' time, when our Innate, or Higher Mind, deems it is time for it to be revealed and further integrated.  In other words, when you are ready - but the shifts all take place in the 'now', during any given session. 

 Session Rates                                                                                                                                                                


Initial sessions (2 hours in duration)

  •  this allows time for meeting, connection and instruction for the process, with 1 full hour for the breathing session itself.  We complete each session with check-ins, sharing and coaching, if/as needed.

One person (1st session) ~ $150

Two or three people ~ $150 + $30 each additional person 

Subsequent sessions (1.5 hours)

  •  with 1 full hour for our breath session, we have time for discussion and supportive coaching if/as needed.

One person ~ $105

Two or three people ~ $105 + $30 each additional person (all whom have already experienced at least one breath session with Tina) 

Private Group ~  (2 hours; 4-6 people)


Private group sessions are available through advanced booking, and are held within the Chaya Shack or in your space if preferred. (additional rates for travel time and cost will be applied)

* Rate adjustments are available to anyone who holds a true desire for these services and would appreciate financial support.  If this is you, please email me to discuss and arrange specialized rates. 

To book sessions with Tina, please contact for scheduling. 

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