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My Professional HerStory



In 2007, I began to receive intuitive guidance that shifted me from my near decade long career as a chef, to become a helping professional, as I was being shown “it’s time” to realize the blueprint of my soul for this lifetime.


Through a series of events leading up to this time, I began training with the Co-Active Training Institute to learn about Life Coaching.  Toward the end of 2007, I was invited to a “breath class” while on vacation in Mexico, and had what I could best describe as being the most profound experience of my life with facilitator and trainer, Robin Clements. Fast forward 10 months later on another trip to the same part of Mexico, I experienced another profound breath journey at the invitation of Robin, and knew I was to become a conscious breath facilitator and share this incredibly powerful healing method with others.  In 2008-2010, I completed facilitator training and certification with Dr. Judith Kravitz and the many other incredibly gifted trainers through the Transformational Breath® Foundation.  My practice has since evolved, and I now work under the designation of a certified Metaphysical Practitioner.


In 2011, I felt inspired to begin my doctoral studies in metaphysical science, which I completed seven years later in 2018 through the University of Metaphysics upon the acceptance of my dissertation on The Evolution of Consciousness.  

My work now specifically focuses on assisting people in their process of awakening through these times of accelerated conscious evolution and ascension, and supporting personal transformation and healing by understanding the power of our mind and consciousness in relation to the energies of our new earth cycles.

From yoga studios, community centres and living rooms, to organizations such as the Canadian Mental Health Association, Canada Revenue Agency and Selkirk College, I have had the honour of supporting people from all around the world through personal and professional transformation and empowered awakening.

My methods of growing in my aptitude is a continual process of first, following my inner guidance in regards to the metaphysical (higher) perspectives and dialogues which I translate into my teachings and methods for transformation and healing, and second, following my inner guidance toward "outside" teachings to further support my practice.  Obtaining my doctoral degree is an example of this, as was attending a course held by Dr. Gabor Mate titled "Compassionate Inquiry", which supports helping professionals to expand their heart in their process with clients. 


Holding a constant practice in remaining open to experience divine wisdom and perfection through all beings is the tool I would claim to be most powerful for complete presence.  We are amidst an incredible time of heart expansion, and this is showing more and more in all areas of our global systems - hooray!!!

In 2018, I was again inspired to begin a new phase of my journey by building the Chaya Shack as an addition to my home office, where I am able to offer group services.  


I’m very excited for this new cycle, and am honoured to hold space with you, should you feel called to be a part of the co-creation of loving magic within this inspired space. 

To learn more, please visit our Chaya Shack pages.

In loving service,




I wish to pay homage to those whom I consider my most honored teachers who have assisted me in my journey of awakening.

Lynda Austin 

I believe I first met Lynda in 2007, when I was invited by a mutual friend to a group "Salon" being held in Vancouver.  You see, Lynda is an incredibly gifted intuitive, and the wisdom she shares is unmatched by any other source I have yet experienced.  What I love most about Lynda is her warmth and genuine kindness. And her humor... oh my lord, that woman makes me laugh!  For years I would schedule readings with her, and it was through these readings that I was able to gain clarity on what all this shifting was about.  Her ability to put complex concepts into easy to grasp language became something I paid close attention to, because this information was from a deeper level of wisdom than anything that anyone was writing or talking about at that time.  It was the depth of wisdom that most resonated within me, and you will often hear me refer to her teachings when working with me.  She shares some of the greatest (what I call) nuggets of wisdom I know, and you will see many of them shared on the walls of the Chaya Shack.  One to nibble on is this, "The answer to how, is always Yes.".  Just chew on that one for a while, then be sure to stick it in your back pocket and carry it with you wherever you are.  

I just can't say enough good things about this woman, you need to experience her for yourself.  You can learn more about Lynda and her work, and connect with her through her website at

Kryon ~ Lee Carroll

Several years ago I was introduced to the channellings of Kryon, through Lee Carroll.  After being re-minded of why we are here at this time, and assisted into our new energy cycle (many call this 'ascension'), I found Kryon's messages to be somewhat advanced, which was a good speed for me.  The information offered covers such a vast spectrum of topics that were very supportive for me through my process of obtaining my doctorate.  I do hope to one day spend some time in person at a Kryon event, and I know when it is time for me to do so, I will, and I am very much looking forward to it!

You can learn more about Lee Carroll and the work of the entire Kryon team by visiting, as well you can visit their YouTube channel where you will find a lengthy lists of recordings from various locations around the world.

The rest of the list is long and always growing, as I can truthfully say that every single person I have interacted with has been a great teacher for me.  When I first began to awaken, I was drawn to teachings and writings by some of the popular authors of that time (and still continue to be so for many)... Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch (both whom I've had the great pleasure of meeting and continue to hold gratitude for their warmth, kindness, and guidance through our brief conversations), Esther and Jerry Hicks, Darryl Anka (Bashar)... honestly, the list could become a book. 


My Mother

I will top this delightful sundae with the ultimate cherry, which would be my mother, for she has been my greatest example/teacher of how amazing life is when you greet everyone with the same amount of love and acceptance, with no attachment to its' reciprocation.  I am who I am because of her, and I could not have picked a more perfect soul to be my mom for this incarnation. ❤️ 

*Please note: A metaphysical degree is recognized as an unaccredited degree in the province of British Columbia. 

My studies in this field are simply to enhance my services as a Metaphysical Minister, which are spiritual in nature.

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