My Professional HerStory

In 2007, I began to receive intuitive messages that were guiding me to make a change in my then career as a chef.  I had enjoyed nearly a decade of this work, as it was my highest passion for as far back as I can remember.  As with most things, the time comes for change... sometimes the change is relatively small, and sometimes it takes you into a completely new world.  This was the change that was calling within me, and it shocked the ever loving bejeezus out of me!

I was reaching the end of my cooking career.  I was exhausted, which I knew to be a sign of a time for change, but had no idea what that looked like.  As our minds tend to carry over the past into the future, I assumed this change would be in the food industry, as it was what I knew most at that time.  

Throughout my life, I had always carried an inner knowing that I would eventually be Self employed, and this knowing was coming through very strongly with this shift.  I had some great ideas for food related businesses, but noticed with all of them I felt exhausted in the thought of carrying them through to manifestation... so back to the drawing board I had to go.

One day while sitting in stillness, the image of a red thread appeared in my third eye sight.  It was stretched out, and with it came the guidance that it was stretching from my earliest past into the present.  I was asked, "What has been the common thread about who you are throughout your life?".  The answer was easy.  Helping people create betterment in their lives.  I was aware that people would invite me into their personal spaces of vulnerability, and that I was able to be a voice for those who didn't feel safe to speak for themselves in situations of unfairness.  I used to think that taking on other people's problems was a helpful and loving things to do.  As everything eventually changes, I had come to find myself to feel exhausted in this, and had shifted to supporting others in finding their own voice, realizing it was far more helpful and loving.  This realization evolved into my service I now call Self Empowerment Mentoring.  


Having absolutely no idea in which direction to go at that time, I was intuitively reminded of a career counsellor who took a holistic approach that a friend 'casually' mentioned a couple of months earlier.  So I called up my friend, got a phone number and set up an appointment.  After sharing my thoughts and passions with her, she had suggested two paths:  psychology, or life coaching.  I hadn't heard of life coaching, which was relatively new on the scene at that time, and since it held a newer energy, it called to me, I decided to register for some life coach training with the Coaches Training Institute.

Backing up to around New Year's day of 2007, I was in Cabo San Lucas on vacation, where I was invited to a "breath class".  My first thought was, "That's odd... why would I go to a class to breathe?", but my higher Self overrode any pessimistic speculation with intrigue, so I went, and had THE MOST PROFOUND EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!  So later that year when I was invited back down to the same area, I connected with my (then) new friend, Robin Clements, who invited me to another breath class.  I couldn't get there quickly enough!  This time I was in a group of about 30 other 'breathers', and had an equally profound experience!  Following the session I felt like a character in Loonie Tunes, with cartoon hearts pumping from my eye sockets!  I knew I had to take this training to share this with others and become a breathwork facilitator, which I did in 2008 with the Transformational Breath Foundation under the leadership of Dr. Judith Kravitz and the guidance of many loving trainers and facilitators... just one month after transitioning out of the kitchen!  Life has a way of Guiding us, and so long as we say "yes" to it, even if it's just a whisper, the red carpet will roll out to support us.  

I then embarked on the most exciting and most difficult two years of my life.  Almost overnight, I went from a life where I knew exactly where I was supposed to be each day, and what I was supposed to do, to waking up each morning with a giant bowling ball sized knot of fear in my stomach.  Without drawing out this story with too much detail, this time was my way of learning to trust in our innate abundance, and that I am always supported, loved and provided for, in all ways.  It took some time for my mind to relinquish enough control to realize that I have everything I need in every moment.  

Since then I have been providing one on one service in Self Empowerment Mentoring and Conscious Healing & Restorative Breath work, as well as various expressions of what I now call Consciousness Class, and Conscious Breath*shops - now I get to see that look of partial confusion in someone's eye when they get invited to a breath class, AND see those big beautiful hearts pumping from their eyes after a session!

In 2011, I again got an intuitive nudge that it was time for a shift in my work.  The guidance was to explore metaphysical doctoral degrees, and as a result I chose to become a Doctor of Metaphysical Science.  I have to say I was a bit confused about the science part... that was never my strong suit in school, but something about this particular area of study intrigued me.  Seven years later, following a wildly fascinating journey of self exploration, I completed my doctoral dissertation on The Evolution of Consciousness and it was accepted by the University of Metaphysics, granting me the degree of Doctor of Metaphysical Science in 2018.


My work now focuses on supporting people through their process of awakening.  I see everything from the perspective of the evolution of consciousness, and as other intuitive empaths know, we see a LOT that is going on with life, beyond typical physical perception.  My latest guidance has been very much like the movie, Field of Dreams, in which I have been guided to build a "shack" on my property for wellness and healing.  At the time of this writing, things are now in construction phase, about half way to completion.  I could say it's been several months of planning, which is has, but in reality this manifestation has been in process for years.  At least I'm able to see that in hindsight... connecting dots of past ideas and whittling away those ideas that were more distractive than aligned with my higher purpose.  Whew!  Life is quite a ride!

I realize this is a lengthy professional bio, and I wanted to share this story to paint the full picture of who I am, and why I am.  To me, just listing some bullet points of credentials felt far too short sighted, so I hope this has started to help you feel who I am on a deeper level.  If we haven't yet met in person, know that I truly look forward to the moment we do!

Much love,

Tina ♡

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