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On my YouTube channel you will find various videos and playlists that have been created,  and while my passion pivots around conscious evolution and ascension support, the information offered can be assistive in your personal wellness journey.


This podcast first sparked inspiration within me sometime around the completion of my dissertation on The Evolution of Consciousness in 2018.  After going through a personal process of growth and preparation, BTTP was birthed in late November 2023.  This offering is focused on supporting the navigation of our new consciousness, and is a co-creation with other powerful humans who are sharing their work to help support our time of great change. 


This series is two-fold ~ one part offers channeled or 'downloaded' information I receive regarding current energies with a focus on guidance in our higher consciousness, while the other are teaching videos where I break down some of the concepts I'm shown, in the ways I am shown them.  These are great options for visual learners, like myself.

Podcast or Interview requests ~ Please contact Tina if you would like to have her on your show!

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