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 HOW MUCH?                                                                                                                                                            


We’ve chosen to list prices first for sake of ease, since it’s often our first question!  And we like ease, right? ;)


Chaya Shack Pass


* Please note all Breath Classes count for 2 punches on a Shack Pass (not including Breath Workshops)


All payments are available through cash or e-transfer to _______.


How Chaya Shack Passes Work


All classes and offerings within Chaya Shack are on a pre-registration basis - no drop in’s.  


Just let me (Tina) know which class(es) you want to reserve a space with a quick text, call or email me, and your spot will be held or you will then be informed if the class is full.  The schedule on the website will be updated regularly to show availability, but it’s always a good idea to ask even if it says it’s full!  Change is a constant, after all… ;-)


*** Note:  All “no show’s” will be counted as a ‘punch’ on your Shack Pass. ***  


How to contact to hold your space…


      778.962.0111  (text or call) 

     Chaya Shack (with link)

     Chaya_Shack (with link)


Why pre-registration?


Because Chaya Shack offers quality services in an intimate space with relatively small groups, this policy is in place to ensure payments to our Facilitators and Instructors and overall operating costs can be paid so that Chaya Shack can continue to offer supportive service to our community. 

Any schedule changes or cancellations would be shared through the pre-registration process, thus avoiding the inconvenience of dropping in for a class only to learn it's full or has been cancelled. 


Our intention is to offer high quality and affordable value in a comfortable and fun environment to support you with ongoing practices of your favourite modalities, and exploration of new ones to raise your balance in all levels of Being - physical, mental and emotional, and spiritual.




10 Class Shack Pass*         $111  ($11.10/class 

  5 Class Shack Pass*         $55    ($11/class)

  1 Shack Class*                 $11

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Estrella Chaya

 WHAT IS CHAYA?                                                                                                                                                      

Chaya is a hebrew word for Life, it is a "miracle plant", and it is also the name of my dog!  


Chaya Plant


Chaya (Cnidoscolus chayamansa) is a plant which is thought to be of Mayan origin.  It is often referred to as a                  “miracle” or “superfood” plant due its’ high nutritional value and medicinal attributes.  Chaya Shack will be growing

and propagating Estrella Chaya imported from Florida, and cuttings will be available for sale in 2020 !!!

Chaya leaves were found to contain substantially greater amounts of nutrients than spinach leaves.

The chaya leaf is especially high in protein (5.7%), crude fiber (1.9%), calcium (199.4 mg/100 g),

potassium (217.2 mg/100g), iron (11.4 mg/100 g), vitamin C (164.7 mg/100 g), and carotene (0.085 mg/100 g).


The levels of chaya leaf nutrients, in this study, agree with published reports (Martin and Ruberte 1978; Munsell et al. 1949; Booth et al. 1992) and are two to threefold greater than most edible leafy green vegetables. In terms of the average nutritive value, chaya leaves [14.9] is by far superior to other leafy green vegetables such as spinach [6.4], amaranth [11.3], Chinese cabbage [7.0], and lettuce [5.4] (Grubben 1978). While some edible leafy green vegetables are usually good sources of mineral macronutrients (Levander 1990), chaya leaf furnishes appreciable quantities of several of the essential mineral macronutrients necessary for human health maintenance.


The medicinal benefits present in the Chaya leaf are impressive, to say the least...

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Helps digestion

  • Improves vision

  • Prevents varicose veins and hemorrhoids

  • Lowers cholesterol

  • Helps reduce weight

  • Prevents coughs

  • Augments calcium in the bones

  • Decongests and disinfects the lungs

  • Prevents anemia

  • Improves memory and brain function

  • Combats arthritis

  • Improves glucose metabolism and prevents diabetes


Chaya tea will be offered in various classes and workshops, and Chaya seedlings will be available for sale in 2020 for you to grow and enjoy yourself!

 What is CHAYA SHACK?                                                                                                                                                               

Chaya Shack is a 400ft² holistic wellness ‘hut’ located in the heart of the majestic West Kootenays, centrally located in downtown Castlegar.  We offer a variety of holistic, metaphysical, quantum, mind-body and spiritually focused modalities within a comfortably intimate environment, in both private session and group class and workshop formats.

We also grow Estrella Chaya for use in groups (tea), and for personal purchase.  The chaya plants will get established this year, and will available for sale in the summer of 2020.

With a unique variety of classes available through purchase of a Shack Pass, you can explore and expand your personal practice with affordability and accessibility of daily and weekly offerings.

In addition to the class schedule, Chaya Shack also offers a wide variety of workshops ranging from horticulture (plant medicines & cannabis education), holistic nutrition, conscious breath work, trauma support and healing, astrology, numerology, shamanic ceremonies, and many more holistically focused methods.  The time length of workshops range from 1 hour, to 2 full day comprehensives.

What is Chaya Shack not?


Chaya Shack Holistic Wellness Hut is not a replacement for any other health care practices, but does hold the intention of being complimentary to them.


Chaya Shack is not an answer to your questions... but it is a reminder that you hold all your answers within you.  It is a space which holds the intention of showing us back to our True Selves in this time of accelerated conscious evolution.


Chaya Shack is not a retreat centre, meaning that while it is in a detached outdoor setting surrounded by trees and open space, it is not in the deep wilderness with no signs or sounds of human civilization.  An important aspect of holistic balance requires us to know our ability to connect with our inner peace anywhere, anytime, regardless of what may be going on in our world, wherever we may be.


Services offered through Chaya Shack Holistic Wellness Hut are considered complimentary but not a replacement for conventional medical practices.  Please use your own discretion in deciding what healthcare methods and practices are best for you, and always consult with the appropriate health care professionals for your best Self care.


 WHERE IS CHAYA SHACK?                                                                                                                                     

Chaya Shack is an extension of the home based practice of Dr. Tina Baudon, and is located at her residence in downtown Castlegar at, 

199 Lakeview St.  (see map below)

Washroom facilities are located in the main house.


Driving directions:  

Where Columbia Ave. turns into Arrow Lakes Drive (heading toward Celgar Pulp Mill), turn left onto Arrow Lakes Drive, at the mailboxes.  Turn left onto Lakeview St.

——— Parking is on the street in front of the house (2 spaces) / in front of the park beside the house (3 spaces) / and at the back of the house (3 spaces) with alley access from Arrow Lakes Dr. (keep going straight after Lakeview St. and turn left into the alley)


Walking and Biking directions

Come through the tunnel beside Mitchells Building Supply and stay straight on Arrow Lakes Drive, then either come down the alleyway parallel with the railroad tracks, or keep on Arrow Lakes Drive and turn right onto Lakeview St. 


There are vehicle spaces in front of the house (199 Lakeview St.), in front of the park beside the house, and next to the Chaya Shack with access through the back alley.

* If there is no parking available in these locations, please park on the opposite side of the road from the house.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 5.19.44 PM.png
Access to back alley ➛

If you are uncomfortable around dogs, please let us know in advance and we are happy to accommodate you by taking Chaya elsewhere for the duration of your visit. 

Please feel free to ask for what you need to be comfortable! 


 WHEN IS CHAYA SHACK?                                                                                                                                                           

Tuesday to Friday 

~ see class schedule

~ private sessions available by appointment


~ see workshop schedule

~ private sessions available by appointment

The class schedule will change and grow with time.  Please contact us to let us know what days and times work best for you, and if there is anything you would like to see offered at Chaya Shack!


 WHO IS CHAYA SHACK?                                                                                                                                                              

Chaya Bear

Hi! My name's Chaya, a.k.a. Little Monkey, a.k.a. Munchkin.  I am 10 months old, and so far in my life I'm having a great time!  I have experienced a LOT of love in my short time so far, and in turn I just looove to give so much love to everyone I see, whatever the species!  

I'm still growing and learning appropriate social behavior, and I still sometimes get really excited when I meet new people.  Barking is my only means of vocal communication, and it's my way of saying 'hi'.  I've been told I look a lot like my dad, and that I have a loud voice... I think I get this from him too, bol (bark out loud). Please know I don't mean to scare you, only love you!  Once I get to sniff and touch you, I calm down pretty quickly... unless you show me you want to play by being excited when you pet or talk with me.  I will always be up for some play time!  I'm looking forward to meeting you, and thank you for helping me learn calm behaviors as I continue to grow up! xo ♡

Hi!  My name's Tina, I am the owner and lead steward of Chaya Shack, and I am so very excited and honored to be a part of this loving creation.

I am thrilled to be alive in these times of unprecedented transformation and elevation of human consciousness!  As an eternal optimist (with eyes wide open) who's life's work is to support others through this process, I love to share the importance of exploring perspective to facilitate ease of change and healing in these otherwise chaotic seeming times. 

I live in growing awe of humanity's innate beauty and powerfulness, and nothing gives me more joy than to experience someone in one of those epiphanous moments of Self awareness... you know, those moments where dots suddenly connect to create a higher clarity of who we are which changes everything in our lives?!   Ya, those moments... they fill me right up!  Whether they're "mine" or "yours", it effects us all, and it's wonderful.  

Tina Baudon

I welcome you to Chaya Shack with an open heart, mind and arms, and look forward to co-creating exponentially expanding loving energies with you all!


 WHY IS CHAYA SHACK?                                                                                                                                                              

On a personal level, Chaya Shack is an accumulative result of my (Tina's) prayers.  It is an expression that allows me to thrive in all the ways I am 'wired' to.

On a collective level, Chaya Shack has been created to support the rapid evolution of consciousness that humanity is experiencing now.  

On a local level, Chaya Shack aims to collaborate with our community's gifted professionals through various offerings in order to provide loving service for those who are on, or feeling called to, a path of holistic wellness.

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